Contact Free Services

If you require your computer or server to be repaired or serviced we offer a contact free pick up and drop off service. Here is how it works:

  1. You contact us and arrange a pick up day & time.
  2. We call you when we have arrived and you bring the device out and place it in a safe place for us to collect once you are a a safe distance away.
  3. We bring your device back to our workshop and carry out the diagnosis/repair or service as per your request. If you require a quote before we carry out any repairs we can follow up once we have diagnosed the fault.
  4. After your device has been repaired/serviced we then call you and arrange a day & time to drop the device off.
  5. We call you when we have arrived and leave the device in a safe place for you to collect once we are at a safe distance.
  6. An Invoice will be emailed to you for to pay by either Credit Card online or by Direct Deposit.

Remote Support

If you have a problem with your Computer or Server that does not have to taken offsite to be fixed we offer remote support for just this purpose. We use a secure remote software called Teamviewer. Here is how it works:

  1. You contact us and let us know what problem you are having with your computer/server.
  2. We direct you to our website where you can accept the remote support conditions and download our remote support software.
  3. Once you have downloaded the software you will need to run the program which will then provide you with a unique code & password.
  4. You then provide that code & password to allow us to access your computer remotely. Please note that we cannot access your computer without those details and the password is different every time you run the software so we cannot access your computer without your permission.
  5. Once we can access your computer remotely we can then assist you with the problem you are experiencing. You can see everything we are doing. If at any time you wish to disconnect us from your computer you can just close the remote software.
  6. Once your problem has been fixed we close the remote session.
  7. We will email you an invoice which you can pay either online or by direct deposit.